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fucking rich white people laughing at how poverty is some diet they should try.

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"You’re so Anne Frank
Let’s hit the attic to hide out for bout two weeks"

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Marc Baptiste photographs OutKast & more:

sunday morning simplicity.


The Cool Quest - Up & Up

There is something special about the The Cool Quest. 

I’m not just talking about the infectious way he drops his lyrics neatly on the beats, the way he wraps his phonemes around each other for tight rhyme after tight rhyme and I’m not even talking about the impressive production Quest is able to pull out of the bag.

What is most special about The Cool Quest is how sensitive he is with his work.

Now I don’t mean he raps about puppies, flowers or reactions to strong soaps, when I say sensitive I mean there is a balanced approached to each record that makes it sound right. It’s evident that Quest has an ear for the track and adjusts his game accordingly to make sure everything fits just so. Listening to his SoundCloud, there is a barrage of different types of tracks from the old-skool to the emotional and there is a unique diversity and lyrical balance that Quest drops on each one. Quest is void of a default flow which you can associate with many different rappers regardless of the track, he has the switch-up ability that is evident in some of the best. He spits with a dignified poise which keeps the hip hop heads hanging on each and every word, and at points (dare I say) he reminds me of a 00s Common.

As if his SoundCloud portfolio isn’t’t enough to convince you, his mixtape, Lifeisatrafficjam is a solid piece of work. Nearly two years old now, the production is on point. Lifeisatrafficjam is a sample-heavy medley of retro vibes that really hit the nostalgia nerve and provide a hefty backing to what Quest provides: anecdotes, life lessons and reflection. The thinking man’s hip-hop. There are tracks, however, where he seems to try and get too much out in one go and you have to strain your ear to work out all the knowledge he’s dropping (Something Talib Kweli has had a problem with for years). This shouldn’t be a deterrent from listening to Lifeisatrafficjam, the mixtape is more rewarding than a few impurities.

The Cool Quest seems to have a lot going for him right now. His most recent track Up & Up (posted above) is a good reflection of where he is now and he definitely benefits from being able to produce his own tracks, because they’re fire.

Check him out and his new tune Up & Up. 

He’s got a bright future and he’s definitely gonna ruffle some feathers.

Check out my favourite tracks, Mother hereand Islands here.

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Haven’t had sex in about three months

I must really love music man