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George Bernard Shaw


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Anonymous said: No problem bro, real shit I'm a huge fan especially since you're from the Bronx, I haven't really heard a dude on your level from out there in a while. You're gonna be a star for real one day.

I’m not even worried about being a star bro, I do it for the little people because I’m a little person lol.

Anonymous said: Bro at first I was gonna say you fell off because of The Kill, I thought you were beginning to go mainstream, but honestly that Purgatory jawn got me open. You still got it, matter fact, you never lost it. Matter fact, you came back on some next shit. Thank you for coming back to bless hip hop with your creativity and your genius. Can't wait for the album King Quest

That’s very humbling, I won’t hold you. The Kill is supposed to sound like that because in the story of STAINS I’m rapping as the main character Chris, Quest has already made it and is a rising star so The Kill is supposed to be a radio jam. Just you wait bro lol

Anonymous said: I was just listening to that track last night. Omg you gotta explain.

You’ll understand the full story when the album drops, but in this song the main character Chris is coping with the guilt of killing his girlfriend/baby’s mother Cosette after finding her cheating on him, and then going on the run with her best friend Samantha and Samantha confesses her longing to be with him in the song which will come before this one called “A Friend”.

Anonymous said: I saw you on the D train the other night bro, you looked smacked out ya mind lol. Good track btw, keep Killin shit!!

Trust me I was meng, thank you I appreciate it to the fullest

Anonymous said: Cool Quest forever!!

I hear that lol, good looking out anon